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Brain Support

Brain Support

60 Capsules; Buy 3, Get 1 Free

Brain / Mental Clarity

  • Contains ingredients believed to increase circulation, enhance long- and short-term memory, and improve concentration.
  • Is standardized under strict European guidelines to ensure maximum quality and potency.
  • Provides optimal levels of naturally occurring flavone glycosides and terpene lactones.
  • Offers capsules, each of which contains 30 mg of standardized ginkgo biloba leaf extract in a 50:1 concentrate.
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Essential Vitamins – About Us

Why Essential Vitamins?

Aren’t all vitamins and supplements the same? Does it really matter which brand you buy? How can you tell which supplements are the highest quality? With so many different brands and so much hype in the marketplace, we understand how difficult choosing a line of dietary supplements can be. At Essential-Vitamins & Health we are dedicated not only to providing our customers with the highest quality products on the market but we are also dedicated to providing our customers with the information they need to know they are making the right purchase decision.

Not All Vitamins And Supplements Are The Same

The truth is not all vitamins and supplements are the same. Research shows that many supplements do not contain the proper amount of essential ingredients, nor are they developed by qualified industry professionals. Thorough research goes into the development of every Essential Vitamins formulation, resulting in high quality nutraceuticals that contain only specific nutrients at their optimal dosages.

Multivitamins, herbal complexes and condition specific supplement formulations can vary greatly in their standards and potency. For example, a typical multivitamin may contain many of the same nutrients as a more specialized premium vitamin, but at a lower grade or blend. Unfortunately, lower grade, less expensive, non-standardized nutritional supplements are often ineffective.

At Essential Vitamins, we strive to include only the highest quality standardized nutrients in all of our products. Standardization isolates the portion of a supplement that contains the active ingredients that produce the actual clinical benefit. For example, 200 mg of a non-standardized supplement may contain only 10 mg of the active ingredient, while 200 mg of a standardized supplement will contain a much higher concentration of the active ingredient.

The Proof Is In The Label

Often, companies will use a “blend” of a particular nutrient instead of a concentrated form of the nutrient in order to cut costs. By combining an effective nutrient with a less expensive (and less effective) nutrient many companies increase their profits at your expense. For example, a calcium supplement may contain both calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. However, what the label doesn’t indicate is the amount of the carbonate form used relative to the amount of citrate calcium form used. The product may contain 95% of the carbonate form and only 5% of the citrate form. The carbonate form, which is must less expensive than the citrate form, is essentially nothing more than ground-up rock and is much less effective. Calcium citrate, the more effective form of calcium, is only included in minute amounts since it is more expensive.

All Essential Vitamins products are formulated to provide you the highest clinical benefit possible. And since we only sell our own brand of product we know exactly what goes in each and every bottle. We’re extremely proud of our formulations, and we want you to be better-informed about your health decisions. That’s why we provided a complete listing of the nutrients and their amounts for every Essential Vitamins product.

Quality From The Inside Out

In the nutrition business quality means everything and when it comes to our customer’s health and safety second best just isn’t good enough. From the inside out, our elements of quality truly define the standards that we live by.

We hope that this has given you at least a glimpse into how we continue to strive to make our nutritional supplements the best on the market.

*Quality control standards, inventory management policies, packaging and product testing may vary from product to product.